Add some organization to your congregation with IVR

Many religious organizations are overwhelmed with too many tasks and limited resources. Our Integrated Voice Response (IVR) solution will enhance your organization’s communications and members’ experience. An IVR lets members call into your organization to schedule, make payments, or volunteer by using an automated attendant through a simple keypress menu. Set up your IVR to call your members with an automated message, giving them the option to perform an action like being transferred or placing an order with a touch-tone menu. Just upload a list of contacts, record a message (or use text-to-speech), create your custom menu through our easy-to-use drag and drop interface, and send out or schedule your campaign or we will set it up for you for FREE!

  • Save time by letting a virtual receptionist organize church accounting
  • Build stronger relationships by letting members sign up for events and services on their own
  • Simplify tasks for volunteers by routing calls to the appropriate person
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Spread the word to more members using Voice Broadcast

Circulating information may be a daunting task for religious organizations that do not have the resources. Reaching all of the members in your congregation can take hours if you’re trying to call each one. With Voice Broadcast, you can instantly send out hundreds or thousands of voice messages to your members. This easy-to-use tool will help you reach more members while spending less time and money. Simply upload a list of your member’s numbers, record a message (or use text-to-speech), then schedule or send out your campaign. Within minutes, your members will receive your message.

  • Improve member attendance by reminding them about services and events
  • Quickly notify members about cancellations due to emergencies
  • Build loyalty by customizing messages
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Get your congregation to read your message with SMS texting

It is becoming more and more difficult to reach out to the youth and busy bodies. For those who cannot answer phone calls during work or school and cannot spend time researching your institution, text marketing may be the best church management software tool. Younger members, who are constantly glued to their phone, may benefit through text messaging rather than other means of communication. With SMS text messaging, you can instantly reach a large group of members at once. Simply upload your list of members, type in a message (or use text-to-speech), schedule your campaign, and press send.

  • Build member loyalty with weekly personalized messages
  • Inform members about events, weather alerts, and changes in the institution
  • Coordinate with members to successfully raise awareness and increase donations
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