An efficient and effective solution: Send SMS text alerts during an emergency

During an emergency, voice channels can become saturated. When it becomes a necessity to reach thousands in this very chaotic time, SMS text messaging is able to tackle through the traffic and safely deliver emergency notifications. With a 95% open rate, texting is the best option during an emergency. Simply log in, type your message, upload a list of contacts and within minutes, your emergency notification system can keep the public safe.

  • Send weather-related warnings in case of snow, hail, tornadoes, wildfires, and more
  • Send resource information such as food and shelter locations during emergencies
  • Send utility interruption notifications either before or once they happen
  • Send police-related operation announcements for missing children, fleeing suspects, or to keep communities vigilant
  • Issue evacuation preparation instructions to communities expected to be affected
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Instantly alert the public through a mass Voice Broadcast

In the event of an emergency, sending a mass notification can be difficult. Voice Broadcast is an easy-to-use solution that can serve as an emergency broadcast system with the capability to send thousands of messages in a moment’s notice. Voice Broadcast is also a low-cost solution that only requires an internet connection and a phone. Simply log in, record a message with your voice (or use text-to-speech), upload your contact list, and send out your mass notification before, after, and during the emergency.

  • Use Voice Broadcast as a tornado warning system, earthquake warning system, tsunami warning system, severe weather warning system
  • Send resource information such as food and shelter locations during emergencies
  • Send extended utility interruption notifications either before or during the interruption
  • Use for police announcements such as missing children, fleeing suspects, and more to keep communities vigilant
  • Issue preparation instructions to communities expected to be affected by a disaster so that they can evacuate or be prepared once it hits
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Focus on helping others in an emergency and let an auto attendant minimize your stress

During the chaos of an emergency, there is little time for organization. With our hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, set up customized messages and menus with relevant information for those affected by the emergency. The IVR designer allows you to create custom phone trees that can take responses and transfer callers or offer them more information in times of emergencies. Just record your messages (or choose the text-to-speech option) and use our drag-and-drop interface to build your IVR within minutes. If you need help, a CallFire specialist will set it up for you for FREE.

  • Streamline efficiency by creating emergency menus for inbound and outbound calls obtaining post-disaster information
  • Manage a system to ensure the safety of people through a keypress menu for inbound or outbound calling
  • Organize lists of people found or missing for people to access through inbound or outbound calling
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