What are Vanity Short Codes?

Vanity short codes are like vanity license plates, they're custom, but completely useless and much more money than a random short code. Vanity short codes can be leased for $1,000/month and are yours as long as your check doesn't bounce.

The opposite of a Vanity Short Code is a Random Short Code. A random short code is exactly what it sounds like, a combination of 5-6 numbers picked at random, outside of the client’s control (i.e. 27681, 34625, 716483) and vanity short codes are 5-6 numbers that are picked specifically within the clients control, i.e. 12345 (sequential order), 90210 (Beverly Hills zip code) and 411247 (411 – directory / 247 – all day every day).

From a client’s perspective, there is usually one of two reasons why a client will buy vanity numbers over a random short code. A “phoneword,” the alphanumeric equivalent to a word ie OBAMA or 62262. Another reason is that a catchy string of numbers ie 12121, is easy to remember.

Whether it’s a vanity or shared short code, a central registry, known as a Common Short Code Administrator (CSCA) or the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) will administer the short codes. CallFire will lease a short code on your behalf from this registry.