Telephone Notification Systems

Emergency notification systems utilize voice broadcast, SMS text messaging, and cloud call center technology to initiate large-scale broadcasting that notifies citizens within a geographical area or organization of a natural disaster and other emergencies.

SMS Emergency Notification

A  telephone notification service can be used for a wide variety of organizations including government, business and academia. With the rise of mobile devices, SMS text messaging has increasingly been utilized as a notification tool. SMS for emergency notification purposes requires that individuals register their mobile phone numbers to opt in to receiving SMS messages. Universities, for example, encourage students to register to receive emergency notifications on safety issues, school closings and weather alerts. These systems have also been utilized by organizations to reach members and employees with critical alerts.

Among the benefits of SMS emergency notification broadcasting are the fact that it is instantly available, and that it also has the ability to send hundreds of thousands of text messages per hour, depending on the SMS gateway provider.

Voice Broadcast Alerts

Voice broadcast emergency notification systems have traditionally been most popularly deployed by state and local government agencies, largely because of the ubiquity of physical phone lines and cellular phone lines among all demographics. Unlike SMS, when utilized by official government agencies, they do not require prior opt in. Voice broadcast notifications also have the advantage of being instantly available and scalable enough to put out hundreds of thousands of alerts within an hour.

Voice broadcast alerts allow government agencies to send critical notifications, such as weather-related warnings, resource information, extended utility interruption, missing children, fleeing suspects or other police-related operation announcements, evacuation preparation announcements, and other critical alerts. 
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