Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thanks to contemporary technology, today it seems that there is an endless list of means one could try in order to keep an existing customer's attention and upsell a product. With the availability of email, social media, blogs, video channels, and commercial websites, technology that's as seemingly old-fashioned as the telephone might strike us as being practically obsolete. However, we need not look any farther than our own email inboxes to realize how inundated people already are with messages and posts and websites. Voice broadcasting, by contrast, is actually an innovative and quite effective way of upselling to existing customers, simultaneously increasing revenue and reducing overhead costs.

Voice Broadcasting Has Greater Reach and is Less Intrusive

With such widespread access to the internet today, we may be quick to forget that there are still even more people who have access to a phone than have access to an internet connection; in fact, if anything, the advent of technology (in this case, the mobile phone) only increases the ubiquity of phone access. And while negative thoughts about telemarketers—who seem to have a knack for calling as soon as we sit down to dinner—may be the first things that come to mind when we think of uses of the telephone in marketing, voice broadcasting is actually in a class all by itself…a better one.

People receiving a recorded message don't feel the same pressure to interact as they would if they were receiving a live phone call; thus, they feel far less defensive and are far more likely to listen through to the end – especially when the message is well-planned, short, and concise (and actually gives information about a service that interests them – i.e., your product).

Voice Broadcasting is More Efficient and Less Expensive

Hiring personnel to make individual phone calls is expensive and time-consuming – and the calls, themselves, are even more time-consuming. To top it off, while giving callers a script may, in theory, increase how thorough and uniform the outgoing message will be, the fact is that, in practice, human error cannot be ignored; the chances of a call's recipient interrupting (or simply hanging up) are, unfortunately, quite high. And voice broadcasting with “Press-1-Now” campaigns make the upselling process all the more efficient.

Let's face it: the moment when an upsell can really take place is such a delicate one; it's just not worth the risk of losing such a precious opportunity. When considering the fact that an autodialer can be used to send a uniform, precise voice broadcast message to hundreds – even millions – of people, it's hard to think of a single reason not to use voice broadcasting as opposed to live dialing to upsell your product.