Thursday, May 18, 2017

Text message marketing and MMS marketing lend themselves well to cross promotion. Whatever marketing and promotion streams you already use, from social media to print ads, you can use them to boost your mobile marketing campaigns - and vice versa.

Billboards, blogs, websites, podcast ads - all are easy to integrate with mobile marketing. Mobile’s on-the-go aspect means it’s easier for people to act on ads you’ve placed via other marketing channels, wherever they are. Here are tips to help you make the most of the marketing streams you already have, while enhancing your mobile marketing campaigns at the same time.

Integrate With Email

You can use mobile marketing to increase your email subscriber numbers, and your email marketing to improve your mobile subscriber list. Add details of your mobile marketing campaigns to all of your email marketing - a simple keyword and shortcode that lets email readers know that they can sign up for your text messaging service for exclusive news, offers and updates.

Try it the other way around too, by texting your mobile subscribers and asking them to text you their email address in order to be added to your emailing list. You can encourage more subscribers to join by offering exclusive offers via both of these marketing channels.

Integrate With Your Social Media Channels​

Social media and mobile are closely linked. Both are personal, direct forms of marketing and help to bring your brand into the social arena, creating a closer relationship between your company and its customers. As the mobile marketing channel is less saturated, consumers don’t view text messages as advertising, unlike spam emails or pop-up ads online. Make the most of this personal outreach and encourage your social media followers to sign up for mobile alerts and offers to by subscribing to your mobile mailing list. You can also remind your mobile subscribers about your social media feeds, with texts featuring links to tweets, Facebook pages and Instagram posts.

Integrate With Print Advertising​

Mobile phones give consumers the opportunity to act whenever they see one of your ads, whether it’s in the local paper, on a billboard or on a flyer. Wherever they are, they can take action there and then by texting to find out more or to join your mailing list. The connectivity of mobile can make your traditional print ads more effective, as consumers no longer need to remember your print ad until they get home to a phone or computer and can do something about it. Add a shortcode and keyword to all of your print ads and encourage people to get in touch there and then for a special offer, discount code, mailing list sign up and more.

Start your own SMS marketing program and integrate your mobile marketing campaign with your overall strategy.

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