Thursday, February 23, 2017

With around 90% of cellphone owners carrying their phone with them wherever they go, adding a text message call to action to your radio and TV ads is a must. SMS doesn’t just boast impressive open and read rates, text CTAs are also the most effective calls to action out there.


TV and radio ads provide you with a great way to instantly reach a large audience, and texting provides a quick and easy way for listeners and viewers to get in touch with you and subscribe.


Here are a few things you can to link your radio and TV ads to your text marketing strategy with ease.


Add a CTA to Your Ad


While people might not have a computer to hand when they’re watching TV, or overhearing the radio in a local store, they’re likely to have their cell phone. Add a text CTA to your ad letting people know that they can text a codeword to you for a discount, introductory offer, to be added to your subscriber list, or anything you want. It’s quick and easy for them to get in touch, and easy for you to implement too.


Get the Wording Right


You want your TV and radio text marketing to stand out, and that means getting your keyword right. 


  • Make it something people can associate with your business or the kind of service you provide
  • Make it short - it will only be on the air for a quick moment
  • Get creative - you don’t need to stick with the usual ‘subscribe’. Pick a catchy or quirky keyword and you’re likely to get more attention - ‘pooch’ for a dog groomer, ‘tasty’ for a restaurant.
  • Use command verbs - using these verbs helps you make your point efficiently and catch people’s attention and encourages action - shop, subscribe, buy, win, download.


Think About Your Aims


Before developing your ad you need to think about what you want to accomplish with this campaign. Increased brand recognition? More subscribers? Increasing sales? Your aims will help you determine the right wording and call to action for your ad.

Info Gathering


Your radio and TV text marketing strategy doesn’t just begin and end with the creation of your ad. One of the advantages of text marketing is that it makes it easy to track the efficacy of your ads. By using different keyword for different ads you can compare data to get an instant overview of which keywords have worked better for you. Add everyone who texts you to your subscriber list to increase numbers too.


What’s the Reward?


If you want existing or potential new customers to get in touch, you have to make it worth their while. Adding motivation in the form of a discount, prize draw entry, limited time offer or any reward you like will give listeners and viewers an incentive to make contact.

Ad Placement

It’s standard practise to place your text messaging call to action at the end of your radio ads. Repeating your keyword and shortcode phone number is a good idea too, to help listeners commit it to memory, if only for a short time. With TV ads, add visual captions as well as a spoken call to action.

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