Thursday, May 18, 2017

With consumers using their mobiles to access the internet more than ever before, marketers have been quick to harness the benefits that this growing marketing channel presents.

According to Pew Research, 95 per cent of Americans and 100 per cent of 18-29 year olds now own a mobile device, and they’re spending an average of three hours per day accessing the internet via their mobiles. By reaching out via mobile and integrating it with other marketing streams, like social media and email, businesses can acquire more customers and build a supportive following. The ability to push personalised advertising messages and services to customers makes it easy to create a community of fans, providing instant traffic, which is incredibly valuable in today’s online marketplace.

Accessing a larger audience via mobile marketing is easier and more affordable than you think. Here's how...

Update Your Website​ for Mobile Usage

Your website needs to be mobile accessible. The whole process, from viewing your landing page to making a purchase, needs to be seamless and fast, no matter what device your customers are browsing on. Whether you want to update your current site or create a new one from scratch, you have plenty of options:

  • Using simple templates and plugins, services like SquareSpace and WordPress make creating mobile-responsive websites easy
  • You can create a shared hosting website that is automatically mobile-ready
  • You can hire a designer and/or web developer to put your ideas into practise

Another good reason to update your website for mobile? Google’s latest algorithm favours websites that are mobile-friendly, and ditched those who don’t. By having a mobile-ready site in place you’ll instantly improve your rankings.


Enhance Your Mobile Marketing

Text messages have a far higher open and read rate than email and social media messages. Make the most of this and use texts to get in touch with subscribers about special offers, sales, or to pass on exclusive discount codes. Because mobile users have their devices close at hand, it’s also an ideal way to get in touch with them about flash sales, time-limited offers and to drum up last-minute purchases or visitors.

MMS messages give you the freedom to create even more engaging mobile content for your subscribers. No character limits, and the ability to send photos, images, sound and video open up a world of eye-catching and shareable mobile marketing messages.


Improve Your Email Compatability​

Make sure your email offers and promotions are automatically adapted to mobile. This will seriously improve your click-thru and open rates.


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