Friday, April 18, 2014

If you’re serious about business, the chances are your company is on a constant quest to find out what makes customers tick. You’re trying to learn how much money they spend, what their habits are, and where they live.
With increased online engagement between company and consumer in recent years, it’s gotten a lot easier to gather information. Analyzing that information in a way that’s going to increase revenues is not so simple. But without proper data analysis, all the customer data in the world is worthless. This is where call tracking plays a crucial role.
Callfire’s call tracking solution gives you a head start in both collecting and analyzing customer information. The technology can help your business establish a number of important details about the caller, such as:
  • Why they called
  • Whether they got the outcome they desired
  • How satisfied they were with the overall service
Building a pattern of caller types and behaviors is invaluable. Apart from creating a picture of who uses your service, it shows you the gaps in your business, and can help you figure out ways to fill those gaps. Is there scope for more sales? Is the marketing budget being used wisely? Do employees need any further training? Which are the busiest times?
Answers to these questions could save you a bundle of money. Call tracking provides those answers by measuring and monitoring your inbound and outbound calls. Benefits of call tracking include:
  • Establishing the cost-per-lead of an ad campaign
  • Gaining key insights into the performance of your call center staff
  • Staying informed about every single missed call
Measured Success vs. Educated Guess
Without an accurate analysis of all your leads – and what became of them – you’re flailing around in the dark, throwing money at different advertising channels and hoping something sticks. Some of it must be sticking – you’re getting new business, after all.
If they’re all calling you because of a public billboard that you’re about to remove due to some blind faith in web banners? You’ve just lost out on your main source of leads, and you don’t even realize it. With call tracking, that billboard will contain a unique toll-free number, as will your banner ad, so you can compare the number of callers who found you via both channels. Think how competitive you can be if you have access to every lead, every sale, and every customer experience.