Monday, January 23, 2017

MMS marketing campaigns are on the rise. Offering all the benefits of SMS marketing, MMS (Multimedia Message Service) has some unique advantages of its own. As well as adding the allure of graphics, photos and videos, there’s also no more 140-character limit to battle with. So you can say even more in just one message.


So how can you use MMS to enhance your existing mobile marketing strategy? Let’s take a look at a range of retailers, restaurants and brands that have already used MMS to seriously boost business.


Here are 6 MMS marketing campaigns that’ll give you plenty of ideas.


Jack in the Box


Restaurants have been quick to make the most of the rise of smartphones when it comes to mobile marketing. With their fantastic image display potential and ability to handle increasingly data-heavy content, smartphone users are the ideal recipients of delicious deals and tasty images.


Jack in the Box heavily utilizes MMS messaging as part of its mobile strategy, including pictures and video. They’ve found MMS ideal for announcing new products, complete with mouthwatering imagery of course, and entice increased diners in with discount codes for new products too.


Avenue Stores


Avenue has 500 stores offering up the latest fashion for women in sizes 14 and up. After running a retail mobile marketing campaign where they sent out MMS coupons and promotional content each week to customers that had opted-in, they generated a 6,600% ROI. Avenue Stores reported that its MMS campaign had an average open rate of 97%, with the subscriber database growing at a rate of 30% per month.




This leading retail brand stocks a massive inventory of camping, hunting and fishing gear, as well as and ATVs. After launching a new mobile-friendly website it began a SMS and MMS messaging program, which has been hugely successful in increasing average order value as well as driving sales and engaging customers.


They used a mix of SMS and MMS messages to rapidly grow its list by offering amazing opt-in offers to acquire customers. MMS was used to promote frequent Hot Buys as well as new initiatives for key holidays and events throughout the year, keeping customers aware of the brand and all year long.





Proving that you don’t have to have graphics that rival the latest Star Wars movie to appeal to a wider audience, Kohls keeps it aesthetic simple and to great effect. They leverage promo codes and link to attractive MMS web coupons for tracking.


This way they can extend the experience from the MMS message to a mobile web experience that gives them more scope to share details about their offers.


Pep Boys


Pep Boys created interactive brand experiences through MMS and SMS marketing combined with mobile wallet campaigns. While they were already fans of leveraging offers to drive customer action, this tactic really started to pay off when they decided to mobilize it.


By tying in Passbook and Google Wallet with their attractive MMS coupons and SMS offers they found that 26% of customers that viewed their offers on Passbook added it to their Passbook, while 30% of all mobile wallet offers that were added to mobile wallets were redeemed in store.


American Eagle Outfitters


Concentrating their MMS and SMS use to announce sales for special holidays as well as flash sales for clearance items has really paid of for this leading casualwear retailer. By frequently include promo codes, they can track these at the point of sale and link to their mobile-friendly website for easy online shopping.


As you can see, MMS marketing campaigns are giving brands new and untapped ways to engage with consumers using coupons, polls, contests and more. As an added bonus, they’re getting instant feedback and a bigger ROI by acquiring data about their customers too.

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