Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rolling out a mobile marketing strategy takes work, and in the beginning all that work reaps rewards. But over time it’s natural that your numbers might start to flatline or take a dip. You don’t want all your hard work to be wasted. It’s important to continue to breathe life into your mobile marketing campaigns, keeping your subscribers interested and new customers signing up.


We put our heads together at CallFire to come up with 5 ways to revitalize your mobile marketing strategy:


Get Customers Involved


The beauty of text messaging is that it’s an easy two-way means of communication. With SMS, it’s simple for your customers to get back in touch with you, to provide their views, feedback and more. Get their input by sending out content that encourages them to reply, like polls and surveys. Your customers will appreciate being asked for their personal opinions, and the new data you receive from their input can help you improve your future performance too.


Time to Get Personal


Generic messages can turn customers off. Try to personalize your messages for increased impact. Just the addition of the customer’s name can make all the difference. You could also section up your subscriber list into different demographics so you can send more personalized messages and offers to target audiences.


Seek Out a New Audience

Sending the same old messages to the same old customers? One way to get the creative juices flowing again is to target a whole new audience. Do some research into potential customers and look at the demographics you can draw towards your service or product. Adapt your mobile marketing strategy to appeal to this new target audience and increase your subscriber numbers.


Shake Up Discounts and Deals

If you want to increase redemptions you have to keep people excited and offer them real value. Maybe you always offer two-for-ones, or 10% off? Shake things up and try out different deals so your subscribers aren’t bored. Free shipping, free gifts, a dollar amount discount rather than percentage - try a few out and see what works.


Contest Time


Text-to-win contests are a simple way to increase buzz around your business. Publicising your business, while growing your subscriber numbers, just have people text in a particular keyword to be entered to win a prize. It doesn’t need to be a huge, life-changing, budget-busting prize, just make it work for you. A free meal at your restaurant, a free night at your hotel, a discount coupon - whatever you choose, make it something that will appeal to your target audience. SMS really lends itself to this type of mobile marketing strategy, as texts can be so easily shared, so news of your contest can get around fast.

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