Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It may never have occurred to you that you can text to a toll-free number. Not only is it possible, but at this year’s MONage Conference, CallFire’s Director Global Connectivity and Carrier Relations, Shannon Donohue, shared her expertise on the topic. The session opened with that key question, "Did you know you can text to toll-free numbers?”

Somos’ Ryan Karnas, continued with an overview of what toll-free texting is, how it works, and how it can benefit businesses. He explained the connection between a brand’s identity and their toll-free number makes it a trusted (not to mention affordable) way to reach out. Another panelist from Aerialink noted, toll-free is taking the lead on B2C

communications. Shannon gave more details, "When asked, the majority of millennials say they would prefer to text a business over calling. CallFire recognizes and supports this trend and we're building low barrier to entry, easy to deploy tools for businesses to test this technology. It's especially powerful since texting has the ability to decrease overhead cost and cut down on interaction time for certain types of support."

In her presentation, Shannon went on to illustrate how toll-free texting can make in impact, using the example of a disaster recovery plan. In the event that there is a major disaster, a text from a toll-free number can be used to immediately alert employees what to do. Changing gears, Shannon gave the example of a party with an exclusive guest-list. In this case, a toll-free number could be used to text the address of the party to VIPs.

As the panel drew to a close, it seemed clear that the opportunities for text to toll-free are truly limitless. This panel showed that industry pioneers like Callfire are leading the way in driving user adoption! Share to: Facebook Twitter Google Plus LinkedIn Search Blog