Monday, April 2, 2018

The Austin Spurs and CallFire make a great team! The NBA G League team, The Austin Spurs, were looking for a way to connect with season ticket holders and increase their attendance at games. With so much going on in Austin, they decided to use CallFire's SMS messaging to help them stand out and rise above subscribers' overflowing email inbox.

It's Game Time!

The Austin Spurs sends game time reminders to season ticket holders to make sure they are in the stands when the game starts. Their goal is to stay consistent and front-of-mind for season ticket holders, to insure attendance is high! 50% of season ticket holders subscribe to this list. Every time there is a game, the Spurs send them a message saying something like "Game tonight at the HEB Center! Doors open at 6PM and the game starts at 7PM! We will see you there!"

Special Offers

The Austin Spurs encourage engagement with texts about special offers or events at the game. Every year they hold a game jersey auction to raise money for local non-profits that do a lot in their community. This year, they sent out text message reminders for the auction, and they even sent updates throughout the auction to let everyone know how much time was left to participate! The Spurs also send messages to the season ticket holders to let them know about special in-game offers or themes for game nights.

Making Small Business Big

Our goal at CallFire is to help The Austin Spurs communicate with their season ticket holders and be a great team player! Austin Spurs' Service & Retention Representative, Ahnna Moore runs their texting program, and shared her positive experience with CallFire. She explained that season ticket holders come up to her and thank her for the texting program. "While big teams have big budgets and can build customer solutions, CallFire allows smaller teams to accomplish what big teams do."

We are so happy to support the Austin Spurs, and that we have been able to help Ahnna stay connected with season ticket holders.

CallFire is ready help your small team accomplish what big teams do and let your fans know when to be in the stands to support your team! Ready to get started? Call our Client Success Managers today at (877) 897-3473 to learn more!