Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Interactive Voice Response, also called IVR for short, is a tool that enables companies and organizations to:
  • Create surveys
  • Conduct polls
  • Send out appointment reminders
IVR allows you to serve more customers, and to do so with a smaller staff. It also makes engaging with your company more interactive. Further, it can be used for both inbound and outbound calls, making it a solution that also strengthens relationships.

Check out some of the features of IVR and see how it can help your company make a stronger impact with your contacts.


Answering every single inbound call is a Herculean task that can drain tremendous amounts of resources from companies. Call-routing is a feature of IVR that lets contacts self-select how they’d like their calls filtered. As an example, you can set up a phone tree that says: “Thank you for calling Wayne’s Widgets. To order a new widget, press 1. To modify or cancel an existing widget order, press 2., etc…” Every option you present to customers will send them to the most appropriate employee, saving you time and money.

Phone Surveys

Wouldn’t it be great for your bottom line if you knew what products and services your customers wanted? Or you could get their thoughts on how you could improve operations? With phone surveys, you can do exactly that! You can set up an outbound call tree that may ask contacts the following: “Tell Danny’s Doo-dads what you think! Press 1 if we should offer more seasonal items. Press 2 if you think we should improve our customer service. Press 3 if…” Regardless of how your company operates, it will only survive if you know how to best serve your customers, and for that, phone surveys will go a long way.

Data Collection

What good is having a phone tree if you don’t know whether its producing any real results for you? With CallFire’s IVR system, you’ll be able to access a world of data, all within seconds, all of which is easily exportable. You can get data to help you:

Track call length - Determine where customers are dropping out; perhaps your call tree has too many branches, or perhaps you should simplify what you’re asking them.
Collect responses - All of the “Press 1” and “Press 2” options are tallied, letting you know what customers want from you and what you can improve on.
Measure results - See what part of the IVR process means most to customers; if they all want to talk about customer service, while ignoring giving feedback on products or services, then your IVR is speaking volumes!

You can never have too much data, you just have to interpret it all correctly and be open to change. This can lead to true bottom line growth.

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