Friday, February 9, 2018

Despite being such a short month, February is jam-packed with holidays. Black History Month and Valentine’s Day are perhaps the two biggest, but there are silly holidays as well; anyone a big fan of National Pizza Day on Feb. 9?

Holidays give you a great excuse to reach out to customers (or get new ones) to offer seasonal promotions or even just to say hi. It’s a great opportunity to nurture that relationship. See how CallFire’s product suite helps you better drive contact engagement during the February holidays:

Offer Seasonal Promos to Contacts

If you’re a coffee shop, bakery, restaurant, or cafe, then National Bagel Day might have been created just for you! Consider sending a personalized voice broadcast to all your contacts (or strategically selected groups) to offer them a bagel-related promotion. Perhaps something like: “Happy National Bagel Day! Get a free small fresh-roasted coffee with every bagel purchased, this weekend only.”

Your company doesn’t even have to have any relation to a holiday for you to capitalize on it. In fact, the sillier the connection you make between the two, the more likely your customers are to remember it long term! 

Text Contacts to Boost Engagement

Even if you don’t plan on doing any special promotions for a holiday such as National Wear Red Day, you can always use the time as an excuse to send a text message to your customers. A simple message such as: “Hope you look ravishing in red on National Wear Red Day!” will go a long way towards strengthening your relationship with your contacts, especially when they see that you don’t just reach out when you’re trying to sell something. Text messages have a 98% open rate, so whatever message you text to contacts, you can be sure they’ll see it. 

As a best practice, consider using text messages alongside voice broadcasts. They can reinforce whatever message you’re sending and contacts are more likely to remember something once they interact with it twice.

Learn Your Contacts Preferences

Valentine’s Day is known for decadent chocolate, but do you know whether your customers prefer white, regular, or dark chocolate? And while roses are standard, what two flower choices come in second and third? Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can help you set up inbound or outbound polls that add another layer of engagement to voice broadcasts. Contacts can make their voices heard by touching the keypad on their phone.

A sample IVR might be: “Happy Valentine’s Day from Chooch’s Chocolate! What kind of chocolate do you like most? Press 1 for dark, press 2 for milk, and press 3 sweet.” CallFire gives you the ability to sort customers into groups based on their keypad answer to help you market to them in the future.

As with every CallFire tool, you can send your messages out after you create them or set a customized time in the future. Further, these tools should be used in conjunction with each other, not as individual, one-off tools.

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