Friday, October 13, 2017

As a retail business owner, this holiday season can be a goldmine that ends your 2017 year with higher-than-expected revenue. Nice returns can also set you up for a more profitable 2018 and give you money to invest back into your business.

The retail marketing strategies you used all year may not bring you the holiday sales you expect, however. To take advantage of holiday increases and kick off the season with a bang, here are some popular trends to watch that can help you grab a piece of the bustling holiday sales action.

1. E-commerce shopping with Amazon

With revenues topping $150 billion last year, Amazon has become the behemoth of the e-Commerce space. Couple that with its Prime shipping option and the ability for consumers to shop from home instead of braving the holiday crowds, and Amazon is sure to be a favorite this year. Amazon also has a “Just Ask” feature on its “Echo” device, making shopping as easy as speaking a couple of words.

If you want to get your products approved to sell on Amazon, start now. It can take about three weeks for approval and longer during the holiday season. If Amazon isn’t an option and you have an e-Commerce website instead, take advantage of the online buying trend and promote your website just as much as your in-store products. 

2. Enhance your customers' experience

Your store environment should encompass more than just excellent customer service and products this holiday season. Create a unique experience for your customers the moment they walk in your door. The holidays are a time when consumers’ hearts are open and emotions are flying high, so they will respond better to this type of environment. 

To create this welcoming, comfortable environment for your customers:

  • Make it festive – Add some holiday decorations that complement your store but do not detract from your products.
  • Music – Play some light holiday music to get consumers in a happier mood. This can encourage increased gift buying.
  • Aroma – Welcome your guests with the scents of the season to round out their experience. Consider scents that are light, and not overwhelming and that relate to the season such as cinnamon, cloves, and pine.

3. Voice broadcast for special promotions

If you want to get your messaging in front of more of your customers and also save time and money, consider using voice broadcast for your holiday deals and promotions. With voice broadcast, eliminate tedious manual calls and blast custom voice messages to all of your customers simultaneously and within seconds. Voice messages are also effective because they impart a human touch to your promotions since customers hear your voice. 

Voice broadcast is a powerful way to increase sales. With CallFire’s voice broadcast solutions, Darren Shaheen, luxury shoe manager, led his store to record sales. He used voice broadcast to notify his contacts about upcoming deals, and as a result of the promotions, his store location achieved the highest growth among 33 other stores. 

4. Work with influencers

Partner with high-engaging influencers to post about your brand and/or products on their social feeds or blogs. Influencers are popular, well-followed social leaders who have dominated their respective niches and created communities of like-minded people who follow and trust their recommendations. And since 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals more than brands, using influencer marketing this holiday season can increase your brand reach and allow you to attract a fresh audience. 

Take advantage of these holiday trends and get the most return from your holiday retail marketing strategies. And, if you want to save time and money on your promotional messaging while increasing sales, check out CallFire’s voice broadcast solutions. Getting set up is fast and easy; simply sign up for a free account here.

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