Thursday, August 24, 2017

Client no-shows are not just annoying; they steal revenue and inflate your expenses. The National Center for Biotechnology Information analyzed ten clinics in a single industry and found that no-shows for one year collectively cost them $14.58 million. 

While you can’t force people to show up for their appointments, if you want to reclaim your revenue, there are solutions that can help you cut down on these annoyances and streamline your appointment scheduling. 

Avoid the urge to over-book

If you are in a client-services business and you are repeatedly late due to overbooking, suffering through the inconvenience will make it easier for your clients to think it’s okay not to show up. The law of reciprocity states that we receive what we give or do. Continual waiting may deter clients from treating your business as valuable enough to reciprocate. To stay on top of appointments, book them around a schedule that keeps you relaxed and not rushed. Consider leaving 5-10 minutes in between clients for a buffer.

Online booking

People like fast automation and online booking can provide them with a quick solution. This automation also makes it easier for you to share email reminders, as they are sent automatically from the platform. These tools often integrate with calendar applications so clients can add the appointments to their calendars, reducing the likelihood of no-shows.

Follow up

Follow ups can help you reclaim potentially lost revenue by helping you regain contact with the client. Follow up with your no-shows to find out why they did not show up, and when you make contact, offer to reschedule the appointments.

Appointment reminders

One of the most effective ways to reduce no-shows is to send appointment reminders. Here are some tips on how and when to send them:

People are busy and forgetful. Send at least 1-3 reminders before the actual appointment. In the reminder, list the appointment time and location and give clients a way to confirm the appointment or contact you if they need to make any changes. 

You can send reminders via text, email, or voice calls, but we recommend using voice calls whenever possible. People will respond more to a voice, as it provides a human touch. And some people may not text or email depending on the age of your target market. Also, people typically consider voice calls more urgent than text or emails. This urgency can help reduce no-shows. 

Calling every customer to remind them of appointments is time-consuming and costly. To save money and company resources, use interactive voice response (IVR). IVR is a technology that integrates with your scheduling software allowing you to send automatic messages to your customers. By using an IVR platform, your customers can also confirm their appointments with a simple press on the keypad.

CallFire’s IVR platform can facilitate easy appointment scheduling for your clients to help reduce no-shows and put money back in your pocket. As an industry veteran, we help businesses become more efficient, reduce costs and increase revenue. To find out more about how CallFire can help you with appointment reminders, sign up for a free account today.

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