Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Soon after the financial crisis hit, the real estate industry lost some of its fire, and more than 200,000 Realtors left the industry from 2008 until 2012. But, since 2012, the industry has steadily been returning to its former glory with more Realtors joining than were lost after the crash. 

While this is good news because it welcomes more hungry, financially stable clients, you will also be competing with more Realtors, each vying for your share of the market. To stand above the rest, you will need to flex your marketing muscles and adapt to the flourishing market. Here are seven strategies that will help you shine and attract more clients and revenue to your real estate business. 

1. Email marketing

Effective real estate marketing relies on building relationships with clients, and one of the best ways to do this is through email marketing. Once a client becomes an email subscriber, you can send them new and updated listings, open houses and any other information that would be attractive to them. 

If you work in multiple locations, segment your email list by geographic area so you can send relevant, city-specific listings to your clients. Also, segment your list based on your clients’ last interaction with you. Did you show them a house in one area and they decided they want to move to another city? Send them houses in their newly chosen cities. Maybe they met with you for the first time, and they lacked knowledge about the home buying process. Send them a second message that includes helpful educational resources.

2. Content freebies

One way to get clients to subscribe to your email list is to give away a content freebie in return for an email address. Your content can be as simple as a first-time homebuyer’s guide or a more in-depth e-book on how to avoid common home buying mistakes. To encourage signups, choose a topic that hits your clients' pain points and solves a problem.

3. Virtual tours

Virtual tours are not a new concept, but they are still effective at attracting new clients. Virtual tours give your clients an insider view of your properties and help them make more informed decisions. In addition, virtual tours help out-of-town clients preview a home in its entirety, saving them time in their home buying search. 

4. Visual social sites

In part, real estate marketing focuses on appealing property images that create an emotional connection, compelling clients to want to take the next step. Post your home images and virtual tours on visual sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. These sites cater to image-rich businesses, and they are a great place for agents to show off their new listings. Add local and real estate-focused hashtags to images as well to help people find you (#ChattanoogaRanch, #realestate #homebuying). 

5. Local brand awareness

Partner with local establishments to get your logo and company name around town. Contact local restaurants, theaters, and gas stations about product placement. For example, gas stations sell advertising at the pump via images and videos, and restaurants sell space on placemats. 

6. Live videos

Live videos are highly effective marketing strategies, and they are most popular on Facebook and Instagram. Every time you shoot a live video, the social site notifies your fans and followers and gives you better placement in its search engines. Plus, it’s hard to resist a live video; people are naturally curious. 

Consider streaming live when you are touring a new property. Give away daily or weekly tips on successful home buying and encourage viewership by holding contests and giveaways.

7. Voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is a great strategy to automate client phone calls to save time and effectively communicate with clients. How can you use voice broadcasting to boost your real estate business?

Justin McClelland, with real estate investment company, Schwaps, enlisted the help of CallFire’s voice broadcasting services to execute its campaigns. Once a property sold, McClelland used voice broadcasting to call all buyers who were interested in the previously sold home to encourage them to stay updated on his new listings. Instead of contacting 30 prospective buyers one at a time, he used voice broadcasting to automate the process and send a mass email to all clients simultaneously. 

Voice broadcasting can help you save time and money and give you the freedom to spend more time focusing on growing your business instead of tedious tasks. With CallFire’s voice broadcasting technology, you can send mass emails to hundreds of recipients within seconds. Simply sign up for a free account here to get started. Let us help you stay competitive in your market and save time by automating your client communication.

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