Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Analyzing customer data is vital for your small business because it helps you uncover exactly what your customers want. But, tracking and analyzing this data can be overwhelming, especially if you invest most of your time on business operations. You need a way to simplify data collection and analysis so you can focus less on the tedious compilation and more on using the data to improve your business. 

Here are some data tools that can automate the tracking, gathering, and analysis of data. This data will offer insights that can help you get into the minds of your customers and stay more in control of how your business and products are doing in the marketplace.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web-traffic monitoring tool that provides data on your website visitors. Track data such as how many people come to your site and from where, what your visitors do on your site, how long they stay and other important user behavior metrics and trends. Google Analytics also analyzes mobile traffic and tracks from what devices your users find your website.

2. Mixpanel

Mixpanel allows you to understand how your customers and website users behave throughout their journey, from website visit to product sale. Instead of relying on intuition, use Mixpanel to answer questions like, “How many users downloaded my coupon?” or “What product is the most popular?” You can also discover where users drop off during a sequence of steps. For example, if you run a hotel, find out how many people dropped off after selecting a room, and figure out why. Use this data to improve your customer experience and increase engagement and sales. Mixpanel also offers A/B testing, auto-tracking, and customer notifications to help you turn your users into active customers.

3. IBM’s Watson Analytics

IBM’s Watson Analytics brings the power of complex data mining and business analytics to small businesses without the need for advanced skills. Use this tool for all of your data analysis needs from marketing and human resources to sales, finance, and more. It allows you to uncover potential problems before they happen, find out what drives your business, and understand your customers’ behavior while automating the process. Compile the data into a visual dashboard for easy analysis and presentation. Other notable features include natural language dialogue, automated predictive analysis, smart data discovery, and self-service dashboards.

4. Canopy Labs

Want to predict the future? You may not have a crystal ball, but you can gather predictive data with a tool like Canopy Labs. This tool helps you analyze and leverage customer behavior and sales trends so you can prepare for future marketing campaigns and discover new opportunities. Track customer preferences to optimize prospect communication and sales conversions. With its 360-degree customer view, review your customers’ activity and get to know their preferences so you can better serve them. 

5. Interactive Voice Response

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a cost-effective tool that allows you to survey your customers easily and get feedback from them directly. With IVR, you can send polls and surveys to all of your customers at the same time and gather vital feedback on your company, services, and products. Customers can easily respond to your survey with a simple key press on the phone.

With CallFire, you can set up interactive voice response easily and also record calls and track your results, all from one easy-to-use interface. Analyze metrics and also export the data, using this information to improve your company and products to gain more insight into what your customers want and generate more revenue as a result. If you would like to see how interactive voice response can help you compile this vital customer data, sign up for a free account here

CallFire is one of the oldest IVR solution providers in the industry, and we partner with small businesses like yours to help them gather data and use it to become more efficient, grow and expand their businesses and increase their bottom line.

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