Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Communicating with customers and creating lasting connections is vital for growing retail businesses to thrive and build a loyal customer base. In addition, businesses need to be able to blast promotions and reach as many customers as possible to ensure they are maximizing their marketing spend. But, with time and resource constraints, it’s can be difficult for businesses to create those connections and reach every customer—that is, unless they take advantage of a marketing strategy such as voice broadcasting.

With voice broadcasting, you can send voice messages to all of your customers in seconds, an activity that would typically take you days to accomplish. Use this medium to also connect with new and existing customers and send out promotional messages to increase traffic to your store and boost sales.

Here is some more information on how voice broadcasting can supercharge your retail business:

Brand Awareness

Maybe you just opened a new store and you need to build up your customer base. Or you could have opened a new location and you need multiple ways to communicate your new location to customers. Voice broadcasting can help you “broadcast” your messages to spread awareness about your brand and it can become another marketing strategy to add to your arsenal.

Voice broadcasting is also a valuable brand awareness marketing strategy to use in conjunction with social media and email marketing. In fact, emails have an open rate of only 17-25%, and if your customers didn’t visit a social site on the day you posted, they will not see your communication. Add to that, social media sites employ user-feedback based algorithms that only show users a small percentage of the posts you share. Using these methods, you may not be reaching all of your customers with your communications.

With voice broadcasting, you can send voice messages in seconds to all of your customers. And depending on the software you use, if your customer did not receive the message, the system will automatically try again. You can also review how many calls went through, which gives you more control over the success of your campaigns. With voice broadcasting you have greater control over campaign performance, and you will have the ability to reach more people.

Promotions and Events

Running a special discount? Need a quick way to advertise a holiday-themed promotion? Voice broadcasting can help with this too.

For example, if you own a local florist and you are running a Mother’s Day discount promotion, use voice broadcasting to create clever messages to send to customers to let them know about your promotions, urging them to come in to visit your store. In addition to discounts, offer additional savings if someone mentions your message when they arrive in the store. This will increase foot traffic and get more people to visit.

To get additional business, in your voice broadcast message, tell customers to press “1” to use the discount right away and order. CallFire has a “Press 1” feature that will allow your customers to be directed to any number with a simple key press.

Running a special event? Send reminders to your customers, so they don’t forget. Use voice broadcasting whenever you need to quickly communicate and connect with your customers.

Voice broadcasting is a fast and easy way to not only create the vital connection brands need to have with customers, but also to spread the word about promotions and increase traffic to your retail store. If you need to supercharge your retail marketing and you want to give voice broadcasting a try, feel free to sign up for a free account here, with no commitment required.

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