Thursday, July 6, 2017

Want to generate more business leads? One way to boost lead generation is to create a more personalized experience for your audience. 

And with 80% of consumers saying they like it when service is tailored to their interests, personalizing your customer experience may become not only a valuable strategy but also a necessity to growing your small business.

If you want to generate more business leads and sales by creating a more personalized focus for your prospects and customers, here are a few places to start: 


One way to give your customers a personalized experience is to “humanize” your communication with them on your website. It may be impossible to speak to every one of your website visitors, but you can listen and engage with customers via the use of chatbots.

Chatbots are programs businesses use on their websites to simulate human conversation and connection. Though they don’t replace humans, they can help you connect with users in real-time and gather important data.

Set up chatbots to connect with consumers and offer them information in real-time. If they are signed into an account, personalize the chatbot messages to include their name. 

Over time, monitor your customers’ patterns and habits and gather the data your visitors are asking the chatbot. Then, use this data to customize their experience on your website to boost your business leads and sales. For example, you may find out that when users visit your pricing page, they always ask the same question about one particular package you offer. With this information, upgrade your site’s content and also program your chatbot to answer these questions directly on the pricing page.

Personalized Messaging

According to an Experian marketing services study, revenue per email increases six times for personalized promotional emails in comparison to non-personalized emails. The promotional emails also have 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates. 

Personalize your emails by mentioning the recipient’s name in the subject line, internal greeting, or both. If you gathered the recipient’s name via your opt-in forms, your autoresponder program should have a feature allowing you to personalize any part of the emails by adding the recipient’s name. 

For example, add the first name to the email subject line like this:

Sally, your 25% off discount promotion code is inside…

Then, inside the message, at the top, add the name to the greeting:

Dear Sally,
Hi Sally,

Adding this additional personalized detail will grab your recipients’ attention which could result in an increased user response. 

Create Personas

Getting personal goes far beyond simply creating a customized website experience. To generate more business leads and sales, research your customers’ demographics and create personas that match their lifestyle, habits, and purchase preferences. 

Gather data from wherever your customers hang out, preferably on social media sites where many consumers willingly share personalized data. Also, consider polling your sales team and customer service team for insights on your customers’ wants and needs. You can also survey your audience directly to get specific feedback on who they are and what they need. Once you gather this personalized data, use it in your content and product creation to create a more lasting connection with customers and attract them to your brand. 

Voice Broadcasting

If you want to poll your audience to gather data as discussed, consider sending out a survey using voice broadcasting. Voice broadcasting is an easy and affordable way to send mass messages to multiple people all at the same time instead of polling each person individually, which may be impossible depending on the size of your audience. 

Voice broadcasting is also a valuable tool to help you personalize your marketing efforts. It allows you to send voice messages which offer a more personal touch than email, text, and website content.

If you would like to try voice broadcasting to see how it can help you gather data, increase your business leads and personalize your marketing campaigns, click here to sign up for free or check out our flexible pricing options.