Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wouldn’t it be great to peek behind the scenes of successful businesses to see what they did to grow their brands and customer base? Well, we don’t have a magic crystal ball, but we can share with you some case studies of three such companies that used specific strategies to produce successful wins. We will also give you three valuable business lessons you can glean from these businesses that you can apply to your own business.

Efficiency and Automation

Waste Connections Inc. is a utility company servicing more than two million customers nationally. Even though it has a large customer base, its payment collection practices were inefficient and outdated. The company was making time-consuming calls manually to alert its thousands of customers about overdue payments. To automate its practices, the company implemented a voice broadcasting solution. 

As a result of the voice broadcast campaign, the company reduced its resource investment to accomplish the same tasks in 15 minutes it used to take employees 3-4 days to finish. For pennies a call, the company is collecting payments at a lower cost and has reduced its bad debt 40% since implementing voice broadcast. 

Takeaway: As your business grows, automating tasks will be crucial to scaling so you can reduce waste while keeping budgets in line. Look for solutions that will allow you to streamline your processes without breaking the bank. Voice broadcasting is one such solution that can help you automate manual calls, saving you hours of time and wasted, misallocated resources. 

Affordable, Portable Connection

Kyle Moyer Company is a Scottsdale-based public affairs, consulting, and government relations firm that specializes in policy ballot campaigns at the federal, state and municipal levels. During election time, the company has to connect with tens of thousands of constituents and time is not on its side. It also has to connect “on the road” so cloud-based solutions are essential.

The company used voice broadcasting to connect with voters and blasts 30,000 calls in under two hours. It also received real-time feedback on how many calls were not answered, busy or disconnected. Using this feedback, the company has been able to re-focus the budget to maximize resource allocation.

Takeaway: Connection is vital to establishing customer relationships and building a strong brand. However, it’s impossible to connect with thousands of people manually as it would require too much time and money investment. Voice broadcasting allows you to easily and affordably establish this point of connection with your customers within minutes, instead of hours and days.

Efficient Customer Service

California-based In-Shape Health Clubs have 68 locations and is ranked in the top 20 list of fitness clubs across the U.S. With its massive customer base; the company needed a smart, efficient, and affordable solution to manage the monthly call volume. With voice broadcast, the health club connects with up to 10,000 customers at one time allowing for increased engagement and connection. The company has been able to serve its customers better offering “new member welcome” calls, giveaways, club opening announcements and more. It has even used voice broadcast to remind customers about overdue payments reducing the cost of expensive collections statements.

Takeaway: Excellent customer service has allowed In-Shape to reach and connect with more customers while retaining current ones. How can you serve your customers better like this? One way is to engage them more often and show them you care about their experience with your business. Depending on the number of customers you have, this could be a laborious and expensive process. Voice broadcast can speed up this process and help you get your company in the face of your customers more to keep them excited and engaged with your brand and offerings.

Voice broadcast is a simple and affordable way to streamline your processes and cut costs while engaging with your customers, necessary factors to scaling your small business. If you would like to try voice broadcasting and discover how it can help you grow and reach more customers, sign up for a free account today. There is no commitment required.