Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices than they ever have before, using them for everything from checking social media and ordering food to making product purchases. Mobile is also increasingly the main way consumers check their email. Mobile CTO (click-to-open) rates are nearly on par with desktop rates, and mobile clicks are also increasing. They accounted for nearly 47 percent of email clicks in Q3 2015, which is about a 33 percent growth in the last two years.

So what can email marketers do to conform to this change? Email marketing hasn’t quite caught the mobile revolution’s coattails yet, as many emails aren’t optimized for mobile viewing. For one thing, buttons are small, and subscribers often have no choice but to enlarge the screen and move it around to read everything an email features. Such actions have been called “clunky.”

However, mobile-friendly email marketing is definitely on the rise, and if you’re a marketer wanting to make certain your next campaign is a raging success, check out the following tips regarding mobile phone email optimization:

Subscriber Trust

The first thing subscribers see when they open their emails through mobile devices is the name of the sender. If the subscriber doesn’t recognize whom the email is from or otherwise finds the sender untrustworthy, that email is going directly to the trash. Securing subscriber trust begins with the first email you send, and must also be earned via social media, print, and any other marketing channels.

Preheader Importance

The preheader, also called the snippet text, is the text found above an email’s header image. It’s especially important with regard to mobile, as the preheader is the first thing the subscriber sees on a smartphone. Clickable calls-to-action that feature a bit of humor are recommended, as is anything else that’s unique.

Subject Line Consideration

Spending time really thinking about the email’s subject line is also very important. It has to be creative and engaging, or at the very least descriptive and direct. A subject line is often the difference between clicking on an email and hitting “delete.”

Obvious Call-to-Action

A clear, very obvious call-to-action is necessary for all emails, not just the mobile-friendly ones. Subscribers aren’t going to spend time searching for your call-to-action, and if the link is too small or otherwise difficult to click on, they probably aren’t going to bother. Your call-to-action has to be in the face of your subscribers, and as big, simple, and clear as possible.

Image Inclusion

Images are generally on by default in mobile emails, and most subscribers aren’t going to spend time going into their settings and turning them off. It’s therefore a very good idea to consider the imagery used in your email marketing, and how you can make them work for you. Use images that make sense with your content, and make sure it’s attention grabbing. Make it fun, or at the very least different.

It also helps a lot to be aware of “unsubscribe placement” when crafting mobile-friendly marketing emails. Keep the above tips in mind, and you’ll be in excellent shape.