Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mobile Technology has changed the way we all do business. For the small business owners in the food and drink industry, it has made life much easier. Technology is having a huge impact on restaurants everywhere, but no one is more affected than caterers. The catering industry is a fast paced, ever changing business. Caters must keep track of not only menus but of equipment, schedules, and last minute changes, all while working in the kitchen. Here’s a few ways mobile technology is reinventing the food and beverage industry.

Less Paperwork

Online reservations, orders, payment methods, and quick email access are just a few of the ways technology is revolutionizing the world of catering. Running around preparing for events doesn’t give you much time to sit in an office, check your emails, and go through paper work. Everything can now be done in the palm of your hand. Costumers can reach caterers no matter where they are, and business owners can get payments directly from clients. Things like credit card swipers for smartphones means caterers can get paid on the spot.

Social Media

Social media is a win for every business. Caterers and even restaurant owners can use social media as free marketing. It can play a huge role in shaping people’s opinions in using your business. Social networking is also a great way to keep at the forefront of people’s minds. Updating social media by allowing followers to know what you’re up to, when you’ve created a new dish, or if you are having a special, can be done so easily. You can also get feedback and reviews by connecting with followers, which can only help your business.

Location and Menu

Having all of your information in one place for clients is great, and it means you can acquire business even while you’re busy in the kitchen. Small business owners who run catering companies are always on the go. A mobile website or personal app is a great way to allow potential clients to see all the things you offer, where you are located, and where you will cater. It can be impossible getting on the phone or answering email questions during a busy day. With everything all in one place, clients can get the information they want, instantly.

Technology Today

Mobile technology for food and beverage will just continue to advance. Today, there are so many great ways to use it to your advantage. Mobile technology allows customers to find your business, rate you, and see what you offer, while giving caterers an easy way to streamline and run their businesses.