Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Do you have an amazing product or service but shudder at the thought of putting yourself out there to promote it? Many SMB owners with winning products don’t like the idea of baring their souls, personalities, and private lives to consumers just to make a sale.

Whether you’re shy or just don’t feel like opening up your personal life, you can still engage in effective marketing practices to build your business. It’s true that business owners who are completely transparent often end up with great rewards. But, it’s also a fact that SMB owners who prefer to stay behind the scenes can excel in their industries.

Marketing your small or medium business doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, anxiety inducing. If you want to remain low-key and have your products and services shine instead of yourself, we have some marketing tips for you.

Introverts, listen up. You can follow these SMB marketing tips if you’d rather focus on selling your brand than yourself:

Hire Wisely

If you want an all-out marketing campaign that includes presentations to clients and other personal interactions, but don’t want to take on these tasks yourself, hire someone to help. There are plenty of marketing agencies and freelance professionals who will gladly take on your marketing tasks, including the ones that require face-to-face sales approaches.

Focus on Your Customers

Instead of throwing yourself out in front of your customers for the sake of marketing, think about how they want to be approached. For many people, interaction via social marketing and mobile marketing is all they need from you. Consider remaining as anonymous as you like behind your brand, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. Let your company name and products speak to your customers. Many of them won’t care who is behind the business, as long as they’re getting something of value.

Show Instead of Tell

If you have a product or service that’s in high demand, you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing interviews to explain why it’s great. Concentrate instead on showing the value of what your business offers through social media, client testimonials, a beautifully designed website, and catchy advertisements.

Network in Small Groups

It’s hard to deny the value of networking when it comes to promoting your business. But, networking doesn’t have to mean speaking in front of large groups or even socializing at large gatherings. To spread the word about your products and services, consider joining small meet-up groups with like-minded business owners. Choose groups that you feel comfortable in, so that you can talk about your company at events and mixers in a relaxed and no-pressure way.

These are a few ways that SMB owners can grow their companies, but there are plenty more. Contacting and interacting with customers, and potential customers, via SMS text messaging is another effective option. To learn more about how SMS marketing can help you sell your business, without putting you in the spotlight, do your research about effective text marketing campaigns!