Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Everyone’s favorite spook-tacular holiday is right around the corner, and with it many mobile marketing opportunities. Take full advantage of this opportunity by implementing a few of the following tactics into your current mobile marketing campaign—your customers will love them, and you’ll likely see big rewards that last long after the candy corn and fun-size chocolates are gone:

Discount Coupons

Have a whole lot of Halloween merchandise to move before November 1st? Send exclusive discount coupon codes, which allow your opt-ins to scoop up costumes, decor, candy, and more without breaking their piggy banks. This option reminds loyal customers why they like your business, and offers much-needed relief from the painstakingly high prices that so often accompany Halloween costumes.

Costume Contest

Announce a costume contest on your Facebook page, as well as any other social media platforms you manage. Let customers and fans know they must post their costumes on your Facebook page to enter, or head to your business on a certain date for your in-person Halloween party. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to mention the substantial reward the winner will receive—think $100 gift certificates or more. Most people looovvvee dressing up for Halloween, as well as sharing pictures of their costumed selves on Facebook, and they will be more than happy to enter your contest and possibly win a fabulous gift card or other amazing prize.

Shopping Spree

Send texts to everyone on your subscriber list about a shopping spree giveaway, if applicable. Let them know to text at a certain time on Halloween for a chance to win said spree, which they’ll be more than excited to do. If you want, you can easily extend this giveaway through the holidays, offering spree options on the days before Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. Holiday shoppers have enough to do, so the opportunity to obtain necessary items for free is one heck of an incentive.

Ongoing Costume Prizes

Own a restaurant or bar? Ensure patrons visit your establishment on Halloween by running a costume contest. Provide contest details via text or social media, and let customers know that you’ll be giving away $20-$50 gift cards every half hour or hour for the best costumes. Customers will love the idea of there being numerous winners rather than just one, and you’ll likely find your eatery full of costumed guests.

Freebie Fun

Run a Halloween-themed “text2win” contest that provides the winner with a free service if applicable. This option is great for spas, photographers, salons, and any other company that focuses on services rather than products. For example, if you run a photography studio, create a contest where the winner enjoys a free photo session.

These are merely some of the super-cool ways to incorporate Halloween into your mobile marketing efforts. Other ideas include mass texts and social media updates about pumpkin carving contests, haunted houses, and hayrides associated with your business, as well as free Halloween candy with purchases. Try anything else you think your customers will enjoy.