Wednesday, September 2, 2015

School is back in session, and the nights are getting longer. Time to put away the surfboard and put on your coat because fall is upon us. If you missed the opportunity to advertise for Back-to-School or the end-of-summer, fear not. We put together seven great marketing ideas to kickstart and power up your business through the coming season.

1. Plan for the Big Holidays.

The two major holidays to rally around for the fall season are Halloween and Thanksgiving. Look for the ways your business can promote itself in preparation for these holidays. For Halloween, use language like “frightfully good” or a “monstrous sale!” An event like a haunted house can really ramp up business. Thanksgiving, on the other hand, is a time for reflection, family, and gratefulness. Show your customers you care by sending out “Thank You” cards and emails.

2. ...And the Smaller Ones.

Autumn has a ton of smaller holidays that pepper the weeks leading up to December. Here are just a few: Grandparents Day (Sunday, Sept 13th), Columbus Day (Oct 12th), Boss’s Day (Oct 16th), Daylight Savings (Nov 1st), Veterans Day (Nov 11th), First Day of Fall (Sept 23rd), You’re Welcome Day (Nov 27th), and Small Business Saturday (Nov 29th). These holidays are great for quick, one-day deals. For example, offer a free, small item on Daylight Savings (to replace the hour your customers’ lost).

3. Soccer (and Other Youth Sports).

There are several youth sports useful for marketing, nowadays, not just soccer. Inject themes of good sportsmanship and overall fitness into your marketing copy. Consider sponsoring a local league team to promote your business as well.

4. For the Love of Fall.

Consumers are obsessed with autumn: the trees’ final blossom before winter, the kaleidoscopic colors of the leaves blowing in the wind. Pumpkins and DIY crafts start popping up everywhere. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas, and potential customers, especially if you can create your crafty boards nice and early in the season.

5. Focus on Customer Savings.

In the fall, your customers will start to look for holiday offers, promotions, freebies, and other ways to save. Certain consumers won’t make a move until they see a deal in action. Give them a “Buy One, Get One” offer or a customer appreciation sale. Passing the savings on to customers goes perfectly well with the “thankfulness” theme of the season.

6. Or, Focus on Customer Spending.

On the other hand, some customers get a little spendy during the fall season. Tantalize them with opportunities that work in tandem with spending cycles. Market your Labor Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales and add some buzz by making them into events. For example, you could have a band perform at your brick-and-mortar, or you could “live tweet” your revolving offers throughout the day.

7. Football.

The season is back—football season, that is. You can practically smell the barbecue, or imagine families tailgating before college teams go up against their rivals. Try having your employees wear jerseys on game days. Another great idea is to post a competitive poll on a social media channel (e.g. ask “What’s your favorite pro team?” on Facebook).

The fall season is a great time to shift the focus of your marketing campaigns off of summery themes and into the cozy and contemplative vibes of autumn. Spice up the season with a little creativity, and watch your autumn sales blossom with aplomb!