Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just like any holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness for your business – and have some fun in the process! Everyone in the US loves St. Patrick’s Day for the camaraderie, the history, and the wonderful celebration of the people of Ireland. Here are four great ways that you can market to your customers in the days leading up to the holiday (without just relying on the Luck of the Irish).

1) Use St. Patty’s Day hashtags, photos and keywords to beef up your reach online.

When you use social media to reach out to potential customers, use effective hashtags to extend your reach. Hashtags like #luckoftheirish, #leprechaun, #stpattys, and #shamrock are all commonly searched and discoverable on various channels like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Post funny St. Patty’s day photos and memes to attract the attention of consumers too. Also, when you put phrases like “Pot of Gold,” “Four-leaf Clover,” and “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” into your posts, the keywords are more easily found on search engines to boost your visibility. New customers may see your various pages, and landing your business a bump in the number of engaged consumers.

2) Create a St. Patrick’s Day event online or in the real world.

There are so many event possibilities for the holiday, even if your business isn’t a pub. Try an online trivia contest about St. Patty’s day facts and history. Or hold a contest where people can compete for prizes or discounts on the products and services you offer. Historically, businesses have done all sorts of zany real-life events on St. Patty’s Day: leprechaun-themed races, mini-parades, and local bar crawls. Whatever you come up with, creating events is a fantastic way to bolster brand awareness.

3) Extend your celebration right through to the weekend.

This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Tuesday, and not everyone will be able to celebrate that day. So continue your exclusive offers through to the weekend! Customers will appreciate your extension of the holiday, and you’ll enjoy more interested consumers by keeping the party going.

4) Get into the spirit of the holiday.

Have your employees or co-workers dress up on St. Patrick’s Day, and take a company picture of your wild costumes. Post the pictures on your social media channels, and watch how others interact with your crazy photo! You can print buttons to give away, or you can offer deals to customers who know the secret phrase (like “Luck o’ the Irish”). Perhaps you might give green candy to passersby, visiting customers, or local business employees. By building community around your company, consumers can enjoy the celebration right along with you, which is a great way to establish and maintain brand loyalty.

St. Patty’s day isn’t just for the Irish, it’s for everyone. People love to celebrate holidays that are all-inclusive, and St. Patrick’s Day is one of the best holidays for people to let loose and have fun. So get in on the celebration with your marketing campaigns. Try out some of these holiday marketing ideas to engage with more customers…and have a little fun.