Wednesday, February 18, 2015

When developing a real estate marketing strategy, coming up with innovative ideas can be quite a challenge; especially since your target market is often quite niche. There may be only particular buyers in the market for the type of properties you offer, but with a little focus and ingenuity, you can identify and target the right kind of clients.

Here’s a list of eight marketing ideas that can raise your profile and reach in the real estate industry.

1. Create a brand.

Start with a good business card. In addition to your normal contact information, it should have a professional headshot of you and links to all of your relevant social media profiles. Next, creating a brand across multiple promotional items, such as t-shirts, pens, calendars, etc., is a great way to build a name. Finally, create weekly newsletters and handwritten thank you cards to send to your current or prospective clients. Creating a brand is not easy, but when real estate buyers and sellers contemplate whom to contact, great branding can keep you top of mind.

2. Mingle in your community.

Talk about your real estate business everywhere you go from the grocery store to the hair salon, and give out business cards. Attend tweetups and meetups – or host them yourself. Sponsor local events and fundraisers. You want people to see you as an active member of the community, who cares about homeowners and knows the local market inside and out.

3. Build up your social media presence.

Use Twitter and Facebook to boost your presence. Create a Facebook page for your business, and use that profile to update your status with valuable information. Also, comment on relevant topics you find in your news feed from your FB page. (Don’t go overboard – keep it to three to five comments a day.) On Twitter, you can tweet homeowner tips, inspiring quotes, local market info, or event information. Use the “Find People” feature to look for people you already know, and follow them. You want to appear very active on social media, as well.

4. Write an ebook.

If you create an ebook, you can offer it on your website for free. Make sure that the information housed in the book is a value to your potential customers. When visitors to your site wish to download the ebook, use a simple form as a method of lead capturing and get their name and email address in the process. Offering valuavble information in exchange for contact information is not only a great real estate lead gen strategy, it’s also a solid presentation of your expertise in the field.

5. Create a video series.

Online videos are very popular among people searching for real estate information. Why not create a video series or a Vlog exposing your expertise? You can provide helpful information for potential customers and increase your reach in the process.

6. Contests and sweepstakes.

Consumers love a good contest. Partner with local businesses to come up with some great prizes, and then use social media to publicize the sweepstakes. You will garner more interest in your real estate business, and your contact list will grow.

7. Incorporate SMS text messaging into your signage.

When posting a For Sale sign on a given property, make sure that there is a “short code” option for more information. (A short code is a four or five-digit number that a potential client can send a text to.) This allows you to immediately send pictures of the home right back to them, as well as detailed information about the property. In addition, you can capture opted-in access to their phone numbers, which adds them to your contact list for future text message marketing.

8. Update your webpages and blogs.

Make sure you are constantly developing content for all of your websites and blogs. Post timely information, guest blogs, local special interests, as well as property updates and deals. Give your clients a comfortable space to learn more about your business and the real estate industry in general. Make sure all your social media profiles, text marketing messages, and other advertising channels funnel back to your web site for final conversion.

When a real estate professional’s name and face becomes a local community brand, the sky is the limit. Potential clients in the area are more likely to turn to someone they’re familiar with when in need of real estate assistance. And although marketing for realtors is extremely important, it doesn’t have to be an expensive hassle. Using the simple ideas above, you can develop a solid presence and attract more clients without having to spend a boatload on traditional advertising.