Thursday, September 25, 2014

Social media is constantly evolving, and Facebook is still a reliable way for businesses to market themselves. If in the real estate business and looking to get more out of your Facebook page, check out nine tips for real estate social media marketing:

1) Aim For Balance

Posting to Facebook once a week isn’t going to do you much good, but neither is posting 20 times a day. The former will ensure clients and potential clients forget you exist, while the latter is just irritating. There’s no magic number for posting, but aiming for “balance” is key. Try to post seven days a week and gauge client response before deciding to post more or less.

2) Link Facebook to Your Blog

Incorporate your Facebook fan page into your blog. Tying the two together results in a serious boost to overall traffic, and apps such as NetworkedBlogs help make the “marriage” between your blog and page what it should be.

3) Advertise

Take advantage of Facebook’s advertising opportunities, which has helped many businesses gain the exposure they want. No matter what kind of campaign you run, remember to always link a lead-generating page on either Facebook or your own site. After all, real estate marketing is for gaining additional leads and sales, right? Advertising is inexpensive and can help you out a lot.

4) Use Those Friend Connections

Have your Facebook friends like your ad, another great way to build client trust. In other words, when your advertisement appears on Facebook’s sidebar and features supportive testimonials, you’ll get free social networking via viral advertising.

5) Respond, Respond, Respond

Don’t be one of those businesses that never responds to fan/client comments. Respond to as many people as you can as a way of engaging your Facebook audience—the more you interact, the more visible your company is, and the more clients will remember you.

6) Avoid Direct Marketing

Avoid attempting direct sales through Facebook. People don’t use Facebook to shop, they use it for fun. While you can certainly make fans laugh, providing useful information and otherwise engaging with them lightly is much more effective than direct sales through social platforms.

7) Post Those Photos

Photos are a great way to engage your audience, and the more unique they are, the more fan engagement you’ll enjoy.

8) Show the Personal Side

The concept of the “backstage pass” has never fallen out of favor, so feel free to share pictures from the holiday party, assorted business trips, group photos with clients, and anything else that screams “behind the scenes.” This shows fans the personal side of what you do, and makes your company appear fun and interesting.

9) Add Videos

Post videos via Facebook’s video uploading tool, which provides non-fans the opportunity to like your page via a pop-up “like” button. Is that convenient or what? Post informative videos, fun videos, those from special events, and anything else that’s relevant.

Trial and error is key. See what works and what’s not getting any traction. In the end, social networks online are just like those in real life. You’ll find your niche, your network, and your image. So be authentic and the right people will socialize with you.