Thursday, September 18, 2014

Working for charity or other nonprofit organizations requires devising viable outreach options that won’t make a serious dent in the budget. Text messaging is one cost-effective outreach possibility that lets organizations reach a large number of people without paying through the nose. Check out some of the many benefits text messaging provides community groups of all types:

Enhance Group Communication

Text messaging does a lot to enhance and sustain group communication, as it makes it easy to send mass alerts and announcements, information about meetings and events, inspirational messages and much more. An especially helpful way to communicate with younger people, text messaging allows organizations to easily communicate with both staff and group members.

Quick and Easy

Another reason text messaging is so helpful is due to how quick and easy it is to use. Uploading names, numbers and email addresses takes a matter of minutes, allowing you to spend time on other projects rather than laboriously worrying about sending messages to the right people. Utilizing a platform that’s scalable to hundreds or thousands of messages makes “going big” simple.

Flexible Pricing

Working with a company that offers flexible pricing options is another reason text messaging is such a budget-conscious solution for small organizations. Choose from cost savings plans or “pay as you go” options to keep funds plentiful while still reaching a mass audience.

Results Tracking

Some companies that offer mass text messaging services feature the ability to track real-time results. This allows you to edit and adjust future campaigns and messages as needed to ensure the messages you’re sending are effective and beneficial to group members.

Multiple Subscription Lists

Rather than wasting money (plus paper and ink) printing newsletters and pamphlets for staff, group members and events, use text message to create multiple subscription lists. Create categories and send texts to each segment of contacts. This saves time, makes certain you won’t forward messages to the wrong people, and provides the ability to send specific texts to each segmented group.


Text messaging also allows community groups to send messages in a timely manner. Forget wasting money on monthly newsletters that can easily be thrown away and feature dated information. Send text messages about events as they occur and keep people aware of what’s going on and when. Text messaging is also frequently used by government and private organizations to send emergency alerts and urgent notifications.

These are just some of the reasons why text messaging is so helpful to small organizations and community groups. Consider making the switch today!