Thursday, August 21, 2014

Whether utilizing call tracking, secure text messaging, voice broadcast or other options, more and more property financing companies are taking advantage of new technology when it comes to marketing. Check out six tech-savvy mortgage companies that are doing it right!

Benchmark Mortgage

Benchmark Mortgage’s IT infrastructure includes paperless underwriting, a private cloud for its loan origination system, and a VoIP phone system. Based out of Plano, Texas, the retailer lender and servicer is also working on a “big data analysis project” in hopes of streamlining use of loan-level data.

Churchill Mortgage

The Brentwood, Tennessee-based retail lender utilizes an online training portal, allowing managers to easily recruit and nurture local talent across the company’s branch network. Online chat is also used to talk with borrowers, and business intelligence software is relied on for improving reporting and pipeline dashboard capabilities.

Envoy Mortgage

Envoy Mortgage improved its technology ROI and decreased system downtime by moving its critical systems to a cloud. A Houston, Texas-based retailer lender, the company has therefore made expansion a whole lot easier. They’ve also taken to a web-based ticketing system for handling customer service more efficiently.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation

The Tysons Corner, Virginia-based mortgage bank opted to use a new data center, as well as enhance its wholesale channel via tracking and report-generating tools. The reports are on the company’s third-party originators, and make it possible for TPOs to bulk-upload loan file data.

Freedom Mortgage

A company that specializes in creating VA-backed loans, Freedom Mortgage uses proprietary origination workflow and electronic document management systems. Such technology was developed in order to “maintain seamless integrations with third-party applications” and help the company “grow its origination volume and scale its business.” Freedom Mortgage is based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

An online-only lender, used a server and desktop virtualization initiative to improve data security and integrity while enhancing employee access to systems by offering remote desktop access from computers and tablets. A Charlotte, North Carolina-based company, also relies on “robust” data mining tools for improving quality control as well as customer service and compliance.

These are merely some of the tech-savvy mortgage companies in the United States. Other examples include GSF Mortgage, which uses enhanced email security tools, and Hamilton Group Funding, which implemented custom screens and dashboards in its LOS. The companies are based in Brookfield, Wisconsin and Pace, Florida, respectively.

Know of any other tech-savvy property finance companies? Let us know below!