Thursday, August 21, 2014

Whether you’re a veterinarian or otherwise work in the pet care field, you know how important it is to help clients nurture their four-legged friends. Mobile technology is a great way to ensure pet owners stay well-informed, so if you’re looking for options to recommend, check out six of the best tech solutions for pet owners:

1. Dosecast by Montuno Software

An “elaborate” medication reminder originally designed for human patients, Dosecast makes it easy to set reminders for a list of drugs, featuring images, information about dosages, and any other notes. Available in free and premium formats, the free option is limited to pills only. The premium version makes it possible for users to track medications administered in patch, injection, spray, ointment, inhaler and liquid dose form among other features.

2. Pet First Aid by Jive

The Pet First Aid app by Jive teaches owners how to give first aid in a variety of emergency situations. It also provides tutorials on how to monitor pet vitals, including heart and respiratory rate, mucous membranes and pulse, and offers a list of recommended supplies for a pet emergency kit. There are 15 instructional videos in all.

3. Pet Pal by Apps on Toast

Pet Pal was designed for owners to keep track of “everything” regarding pet health on a mobile platform, including weight, medications and medical history. The platform also allows users to set appointment and treatment reminders, and store phone numbers. Another useful feature is the integrated map, which helps users find the nearest vet, pet store or groomer.

4. Call Tracking by CallFire

A call tracking solution for pet care is another viable option for those in the field, such as The PawPlex in Suwanee, Georgia. A holistic pet food and doggy day care center, the company needed to listen to calls for training purposes. Call tracking made it easy to record inbound calls so managers could hear how employees were treating customers and rectify inequities before they cost the company money. And that’s just one way call tracking helps business!

5. PupTox by Eric Salerno

An educational tool, PupTox offers information on over 200 poisonous substances pets might ingest. It includes graphical presentations showing the severity of toxicity, as well as a pet poison control hotline.

6. Pet Clinic Apps

If you work in a veterinary hospital, it’s important to take advantage of its app, or create one if the tool does not exist. App templates are widely available and offer different features, so check a few out to determine what works best for your clinic. Use the app to engage a new generation of customers and communicate with them on a variety of pet care topics.

Check out these and other pet care technology products as a way of increasing business and expanding customer base!