Tuesday, August 19, 2014

School shootings, sexual assault...living on a college campus does not guarantee safety! Whether going to school far from home or attending a local college, it’s important to be alert at all times. College campus administrators have taken safety precautions a step further by using text-based mobile alert systems for emergency notifications as well as campus safety programs.

Types of Emergencies

Emergencies go beyond those perpetrated by humans, such as a muggers preying on local college students. They also include natural disasters, like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and other severe storms. From campuses located in urban areas to those in tornado territory, more and more colleges are using new technology to contact all students and faculty instantly, providing information about natural disasters or other emergency situations in order to maintain safety on and around campus.

Instant Notification

In the past, students had to wait until they were back in their dorm rooms to check email concerning emergency situations. This is no longer the case! Mobile phones opened up a whole new world of lightening-fast texting communication between campus officials and the student body. Such direct, immediate communication via SMS makes it easy for security staff and officials to respond to situations and alert students regarding where to go and what to do during emergencies.

Emergency Response Enhanced

Text messaging systems such as these are quickly becoming the norm thanks to the ubiquity of cell phones, with some college campuses actually requiring students to subscribe to their SMS emergency message services. This ensures no one is left in the dark should a campus-wide emergency come to fruition. Emergency text messaging systems also keep parents in the loop, keeping them up-to-date on various events and situations, while making it clear that their children’s safety is among the college’s top priorities.

If that wasn’t enough, these text message safety alert systems are customizable and efficient, making it easy for thousands to stay in the know with a mere click of a button. And whether it’s required or not, students and parents generally must opt-in to receive text message alerts.

Staying Aware

However a college campus chooses to alert its students to emergency situations, it’s imperative that students follow instructions exactly, particularly if in the event of a natural disaster or other dangerous situation. Students also need to use common sense, such as avoiding walking alone at night, especially off-campus, and staying aware of surroundings rather than listening to music or otherwise focusing on distractions.

Does the use of text message for emergency situations make you feel more safe?