Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The days of flashy fliers, spam emails, and junk mail are over! Welcome to the mobile age, where communication is faster, marketing is more personalized, and consumers want instant gratification. That’s why all small businesses, especially bars and nightclubs, are finding it increasingly useful to implement mobile marketing into their overall advertising strategy… Get customers excited to go out and hang out at the coolest spots with the best vibes. So, how will you let new and previous customers know about the happenings at your bar or nightclub? Fun events, drink specials, and more should all be promoted via the most effective and intimate communication method today: Mobile Marketing.

The first step in creating a mobile marketing campaign for bars and nightclubs is to build an opted in list of customers. This can be done by placing your short code with a value offer on napkins, menus, and creative signs around the venue. For instance: “Text the Short Code PARTY to 313131 to receive nightly drink specials!” Then, any customer who texts in becomes part of your marketing list and builds your ability to draw in loyal nightlife lovers throughout the week. Once you’ve built a solid contact list, it’s time to begin testing various campaigns and to discover what lures the crowds and what doesn’t. Here are a few ideas:

Drink Specials

Offer drink specials at certain times and days to compel customers. Send a mass text message to your opted in customer base, such as: “$7 Martini Mondays at O’Briens! 7-9pm Monday nights only. Just show this message for the cheapest martinis in town!”

Event Invitations

Holding special events is always a great way to inspire community and to engage with new and repeat customers. Try a monthly “Ladies Night” for example, by texting your contact list: “First Fridays are Ladies Night at Groove! This Friday only, ladies drink for half price!”

VIP Service

Use mobile marketing to offer opted in customers exclusive access to your nightclub or bar. Make them feel rewarded for allowing you to market to them; give them something of value, which they feel is exclusive to being part of the marketing list. For instance: “LINE PASS: Thank you for being a loyal patron! Just show this message to the doorman to bypass the line this Saturday Night!”