Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A good marketing campaign should have a beautiful synergy between its constituent components. Every cog in the machine should work together to create more than the sum of its parts, reaching out across phone networks, optic fibbers, televisions and billboards. These days, a groundswell of brand awareness often begins on Facebook. It should be the base from which you launch the rest of your multimedia marketing assault. Here's how it works.

Social media users visit your Facebook page. Here, they can sign up to an SMS list and receive a text promoting your social media platforms. It works like a feedback loop.

It's not necessarily east to bottle that perfect storm of product, program and audience, but there are a few rules to follow in order to maximise your reach:

1. Don't be irritating. Each campaign must be interesting and relevant. Vary the content from campaign to campaign. If you repeat the same post across multiple channels, you’ll end up turning people off. If it looks like spam, people will treat it as such.

2. Involve your audience. People love to participate in polls and quizzes. Set up a voting system via SMS, but promote it and announce the results on social media. This way, your audience has to visit both channels in order to complete the process. Offer discounts and rewards to people who join your Facebook page and they'll be signing up in droves.

3. Join it up. Linking your social media presence to your mobile marketing campaign will tell you who are the most engaged customers. If someone joins both mailing lists, they’re more likely to share your content and re-tweet your messages.

4. Track your success. Use different widgets on different channels and you can group your response rates according to which marketing platform they arrived from. Use different local numbers in different locations and get down with call tracking.

5. Go easy on the word-count. A rich multimedia experience is far stickier than reams of prose. Incorporate videos, images, interactive widgets, pictures, infographics – anything but huge blocks of text. Keep your text short, sharp and engaging. The twin arts of shortness and sweetness have been honed on Twitter and apply equally to SMS marketing. But you shold also transfer those skills to your Facebook page and website. By all means use social media to expand your campaign, but don’t make the customer experience an exhausting one.