Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thick, thin, twisted, or groomed—mustaches of all shapes and sizes are suddenly rampant around the country, with the aim of raising awareness around men’s health issues. You got it: It's Movember! And that means it’s time to get the word out about important matters currently facing men, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. And with the rapidly growing mobile economy, mobile marketing strategies have become some of the most important ways of reaching the masses with important news about the ways companies are helping the cause. From mobile apps to mass text messages, marketers are finding interesting and fun ways to communicate with consumers during this important month.

Major Movember Concerns

Today, the average life expectancy for American males is 76-years-old, compared to 81-years-old for women. Some of the major factors believed to be contributing to the decline in Men’s health are:

  • Deficiency in the general recognition and comprehension of men’s health issues
  • Men are reticent when it comes to discussing matters of their personal life, especially their health
  • Procrastination or aversion in addressing personal health issues
  • Men are more risk prone, often affecting long-term health
  • Social embarrassment regarding mental and physical health

So how can you help?

By implementing a number of creative cause-related marketing initiatives and publicizing such campaigns via mobile technologies, companies are effectively spreading awareness both about the cause and their own brand. Below are a few mobile marketing ideas to increase awareness and support!

Cause-Informing Text Campaigns: Send out weekly texts with short (one- or two-sentence) messages illuminating an important fact about men’s health and the growing need for awareness. At the end of the message, you might decide to let customers know that during Movember, you’re company will donate a percentage of all proceeds to a charity! For instance, during Movember, CallFire will be donating 10% of all proceeds from its Grow Campaign to Men's Health causes. This is a fantastic way to promote sales, promote trust in your consumer base, and inspire the general public to get involved as well.

Creative Mobile Apps: Augment your current mobile app with a movable mustache graphic. Maybe customers can add a mustache to their own picture or design a mustache to their liking. Then the app can lead them to an info page about the cause and how your brand is fighting for the cures. Creating fun and entertaining content keeps consumers engaged and wanting to learn more.

Cause-Focused Mobile Advertising: Create innovative text and graphics for your mobile ads this month. Serve them in places that make sense with the cause—on health related sites and cause-related informational pages. Linking with social media initiatives, like Facebook centered campaigns, is a great way to go viral with your Movember campaign. Make it loud and clear how your brand is supporting Movember and how the customer can help you in the fight!

Use Creative Voice Broadcasts: Greet customers with a personalized message and let them know you’re doing your part in the fight to cure prostate cancer. Get creative. Inspire action. Let them know about special Movember deals you’re offering and how those purchases will assist in the fight. Give them clear and easy ways to take an action, whether it’s making a purchase or signing up for future cause-related informational broadcasts.

Marketing with Heart

When implementing cause-related marketing campaigns, it’s important for brands to get to the heart of the issue, which will help reach the hearts of consumers. Show them you really do care and are not just out to take advantage of the idea of Movember, but are rather actually working toward providing support for this important cause. The more you care, the more they will as well…about the mission and ultimately about your company!