Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cities like Las Vegas hold a stigma for “risque” behaviour but what is often forgotten is the family friendly entertainment that many casinos and resorts offer. With the myriad of venues and activities in an entertainment locale like Vegas, it is an equally difficult task of getting a crowd to a nightclub or getting them to a magic show. With a few cloud telephony strategies up your sleeve, you can keep a steady flow of families and adults attending your events in your city.

Often times, a child will pick up a tablet or a smartphone and know exactly how to use it. So whether you are in charge of a water park, a circus, an exotic pet museum, a comedy show, or any other type of entertainment venue, consider posting child-friendly advertisements like “Text MAGIC to 12312” that could then trigger a child to ask a parent to text your business.

Some parents may need to be frugal while vacationing in the city so your ads could offer freebies that will automatically subscribe people to your promotional list. Once opted-in, you can send them promotions such as discounted tickets to a show, free admission to an amusement park, credit for arcade games, and free lunch if they attend a certain event. These types of promos will get people talking, will trigger more traffic to your events, and will likely create loyalty.

To further strengthen relationships, send out personalized voice messages to your contacts. You can send a message as a way to thank customers for attending, or you can send them a pre-recorded phone message from the entertainers themselves. You can also use a voice broadcasting feature to send out cancellation notices, weather alerts, and verification messages.

To avoid disturbing a family vacation with street promoters for your events, consider purchasing toll free phone number or local numbers to display on an ad. Whenever people dial the number, an Interactive Voice Response system can act as a virtual receptionist by transferring callers to the appropriate person. An IVR will enable callers to purchase tickets or schedule themselves for events by simply pressing a few keys. Customers appreciate any service that will make their vacation planning much easier.

You can even keep track of all these calls with a call tracking solution. This way, you will know which of your ads are working and which to pull the plug on. Or, if you choose to continue to promote your business with sales associates on foot, you can track who is making the most sales by comparing phone number statistics.

With a few tweaks in your marketing approaches, you can build a positive reputation that will keep your audience attendance steady and growing.