Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Weather emergencies, an unauthorized absence, a field trip reminder, an announcement for a school play or a child’s medication needs - CallFire’s SMS text messaging and Voice Broadcast solutions can handle any kind of event that requires schools to efficiently contact parents about their child’s education and health.


Throughout the country, more and more elementary, grade and high schools are following in the footsteps of colleges by adopting SMS text messaging and Voice Broadcast to communicate with parents and families.

CallFire understands the need to improve communication, and its service is safe, easy, and affordable. CallFire’s products allow school administrators to create a myriad of campaigns that can be sent to hundreds of phone numbers instantly.

Many industries must keep up with the ever-evolving technological times, and academia is no exception. In fact, colleges across the country are getting on board with implementing SMS emergency notifications, often for weather alerts or on-campus threats, so as long as it falls in line with the Federal Communication Commission’s guidelines of opting-in per the Clery Act.

It’s no secret that SMS and Voice Broadcast have unprecedented reach. Statistics show that the number of cell phones in the world will exceed the number of humans. In many cases, cell phones are the only way to stay in touch with people. With this in mind, SMS texting is unparalleled in its efficiency and reception. In fact, research shows that 95% of all SMS are opened in the first 5 minutes, proving these messages are received and read.

For school administrators, this kind of tool is incredibly valuable, especially when grappling with a larger and larger student body. The task of calling individuals one by one is inefficient and archaic.

Improved communication and better relationships between teachers, students, and parents are keys to a successful education. CallFire’s SMS and Voice Broadcast create new ways to communicate and stronger relationships that make sense in our changing times. Teachers and administrators have found multiple ways to use CallFire’s products - all with the goal of helping the student.

By creating a CallFire account, schools have the option of choosing which tools fit their needs best and they can control how these messages are created and sent out, keeping parents informed and students safe.