Monday, April 1, 2013
Look around, most people are connected. People are sliding and poking at their phones while they are at work, while they are walking, while they are at the gym, and even while they are driving. Perhaps you’re not a culprit of all of the above but the truth is, most people are and they are checking their phones up to 150 times per day. Texting is all over the place so why not stay connected and use SMS Marketing for your business.

By observation of what is going on around you, it isn’t shocking that 95 percent of texts are opened within fifteen minutes. That’s looking like a good percent for promoting a business especially when you compare it to the 88 percent of unopened emails. So, you won’t be increasing your advertising budget but you will be increasing your sales.

With CallFire, you will only have to pay three cents per message. That adds up to 30 dollars for every 1000 texts you send out. That is less than most monthly phone bills. You can also use a short code with a keyword of your choice so that people can opt-in for text updates from you.       

Another benefit from SMS marketing is the ability to build a relationship with potential leads and clients. SMS Broadcasting allows you to personalize your text blasts so that your potential leads and clients are not just another number. As an incentive, you can offer a loyalty rewards program or discounts for those who opt-in for SMS Texting. To make it evident that you value your clients, you can include an opt-out option within your phone blasts.

If you begin establishing long term relationships, your clients may be inclined to refer you to other people by forwarding your text blast. That in turn will open you up to more potential leads. As you see, there are many possibilities for business growth when you apply marketing strategies to what is ubiquitous.