Monday, April 1, 2013

Advertising can feel like a game of roulette. Some methods work, some don’t. Unfortunately, with every unsuccessful advertisement, a grand amount of money has already been wasted. We are here to help find the most profitable form of advertising for you so that you can stop burning through your Benjamin’s.

CallFire’s Voice Broadcasting feature will allow you to reformulate your marketing strategy as well as allow you to familiarize yourself with your clients. The process is painless and your bank account will hardly bruise. We’re talking about literally spending pennies. All you need to do is upload your contacts onto our platform; record a message, use text-to-speech, or upload an audio file; and schedule your phone blast. 

One of the many possibilities with Voice Broadcasting is using it for billing purposes. If your client has failed to pay their bill, you can send out a friendly reminder to let them know they are past due on their account. You can continue to send out the blast until your client has paid. Within the Voice Broadcast, you can include a Press-1 option to “pay now” that will then transfer the caller to a live agent so that they can make their payment there and then.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to purchase short codes and keywords to use CallFire’s Voice Broadcasting feature. As long as you have requested an opt-in option within your contract, you can send out calls to your clients about anything regarding your company. Not everyone likes robocalls so you could allow people to opt-out as well through a Press-1 option. 

Clients will appreciate receiving targeted phone calls with pertinent information and even more so when the message is coming from a familiar voice--you, their agent. To top it off, you can look at the effectiveness of the campaign by taking a look at your call report. Just by using this Voice Broadcasting feature, you will be initiating a relationship with your clients and you will be saving money.