Friday, February 15, 2013
It’s easy to be intimidated by the growing scope and scale of mobile advertising and cloud call technology. While telemarketing and phone outreach have been implemented by companies for many years, these relatively simple technologies have evolved along with the rest of telecommunications to provide sleek, streamlined solutions for your business.

CallFire is one such solution. Our clientele is varied and diverse; we’ve worked with clients such as FedEx, Curves, University of California Irvine, Sprint, and campaigns on both wings of the political bird. Regardless of what type of business or organization you work to build, optimized cloud call solutions can do nothing but help your numbers in the long run.

Our detailed and flexible filter system gets rid of busy signals and bad numbers, which sounds simple but ultimately increases the productivity of individual phone agents as they waste less time sitting and listening to dial tones. Our outreach is able to reach any mobile device currently on the market today, and our intelligent, customizable outreach systems have been greatly praised. “CallFire Voice Messages got me elected!” says Thomas Kennedy of the Citrus County FL school board. “It was phone calls that stuck in the voters’ minds.” 

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