Monday, November 12, 2012

At CallFire we are responsible for sending billions of calls and text messages. That’s a billion with a B. In response to Hurricane Sandra alone, we sent 1.9 million emergency broadcast notifications. Needless to say, we host a lot of data. Here are some numbers that illustrate the data challenges that CallFire infrastructure deals with:

  • 1.4 billion calls and text messages
  • Over 50,000 accounts
  • Over 6 million campaigns
  • 80 million sound files
  • 14 TB in storage (Network File Storage)
  • MySQL : Over 10,000 qps at peak

With as much data as our our system was handling, we outgrew our data center. CallFire’s CTO Vijesh Mehta recently outlined how we remedied our big data challenge in a presentation to the LA CTO forum.

In his presentation, Vijesh discusses how CallFire created a solution to work across data centers, scale to meet demand increases, be fault tolerant, and be able to handle over 80 million sound files. For any techies interested in learning more about how to architect data intensive applications, the lecture will surely provide some great insights. To view the presentation slides and learn more how CallFire dealt with our data challenge, click here.

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