Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Election season is finally over. Campaigns throughout the country have used our solutions to get out the word about their campaigns and get people to the polls. Many campaigns have used our IVR tool to generate polling data about the state of their respective races. Recently CallFire initiated a series of battleground state polls to measure voter preference on the presidential election.
The 2012 presidential election results demonstrated the accuracy of our survey tools during this election cycle. In fact, all six of the presidential election surveys conducted by CallFire were within four percentage points of the election day results and five of the six were within 2 percentage points.
Across all of the final polls, the average difference between the actual results was less than 2 percentage points. The following results shows the comparison between the CallFire poll results and the actual election results.
State Final CallFire Polling Results Final Election Day Results Difference
Iowa Obama 50-47 Obama 52-46 2
Colorado Obama 49-48 Obama 51-47 2
North Carolina Tie 49-49 Romney 51-48 2
Ohio Obama 50-46 Obama 50-48 0
Virginia Tie 47-47 Obama 51-48 4
Nevada Obama 51-46 Obama 52-46 1
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