Monday, November 5, 2012
At CallFire, we work with organizations of all sizes to create compelling text marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness and drive up sales. Recently we consulted with a Gold's Gym franchise in Wenatchee, WA to work on a membership drive that utilized a specialized keyword. The results? Well, they speak for themselves. Here's an except from the case study, or you can read the entire article by clicking here:
As sales and marketing director for the Gold’s Gym in Wenatchee, Wash., Katie High had used CallFire’s Voice Broadcast feature for several years to send renewal notices and alerts about upcoming events, such as the Gold’s Gym Challenge.

Since CallFire’s interface allows such easy access to all its features, Katie thought it would be beneficial to try a quick one-day promotional push for members using other products such as SMS Broadcast and Keywords.

With a goal of bringing in “20 to 25, at most” new members, Katie devised a two-pronged plan of attack. Use CallFire, in a new way, to:
  • Send texts to current members, offering free enrollment for their family and friends offering free renewals.
  • Rent the keyword “GOLDS” and offer members 75 cents off all protein drinks if they respond back with it to short code 67076, thus “opting in” to receiving future text messages from the gym.
So she composed a text message, uploaded her list of contacts, and sent them out at 9:30 a.m. Doing so, she says, was “Super simple!”
By the end of the day, Gold’s Gym had 82 new memberships and over 200 opt-ins to its text-marketing list. The gym had averaged 88 sign-ups — per month — from July through September. With this one day promotion, Katie was able to understand the efficacy of SMS Marketing and see the results first hand.
“All of our employees were super excited,” she says. “It was just an all-around fun day, and everyone worked hard to make it successful. When we do this again, I’ll staff better!”