Friday, November 2, 2012
Text marketing is emerging as a critical tool for businesses of all sizes to engage with their clients. The ubiquity of mobile devices and the high open rates of text messaging make it an ideal medium to break through the clutter of marketing messaging vying for a consumer’s attention.
Recently, the Carolina Panthers started using SMS marketing to drive interactions with fans. A key component of their SMS campaign will be in stadium promotions designed to engage fans and build a mobile database. The key element of the in stadium program will include in-stadium graphics for live polling, text-to-win campaigns and fan engagement during the game.
The Panthers will display informational graphics in the stadium such as live stats and other content that can be updated in real-time as fans send text messages and pictures to respond to in-stadium mobile calls-to-action. A fan in the stadium, for example, can text in their pick for the game’s most valuable player and see the vote count in real time displayed on the screen.
The team is also using text messaging to engage with fans outside the stadium. Fans will have the ability to opt-in to receive notifications once they leave the stadium. The program includes information about tickets, traffic, merchandise, score alerts and injury alerts.
The campaign has generated some extraordinary results. The read rates of the SMS program is close to 99 percent. The size of the mobile database is growing with each game and the campaign has activated sponsors. The program joins the team’s other mobile efforts, which include a mobile site and application for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices.
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