Wednesday, October 24, 2012
According to a new Mobile Marketer article, QR codes are looking to be the standout technology that will elevate existing marketing campaigns and take them to the next level. Brands like Target and Tourneau are using QR codes and text marketing to interact with customers and help increase revenue. With brands like Target, implementing creative implementations of QR codes, they are more likely to help facilitate mobile purchases for brands and retailers.
Target recently allowed consumers to scan mobile barcodes featured on several products in store and buy the items on their smart phones. The brand is using the mobile bar code feature to promote the season’s twenty most popular items.
Marketers are also using mobile bar codes to send consumers money back if they buy a product from their mobile device when they scan the QR code. These mobile rebates will encourage consumers to buy the product immediately and complete the sale.
Mobile also allows consumers to purchase and reserve items they plan to buy so it’s ready for pick-up at brick and mortar retail locations. The mobile experience allows the retailer to provide an in-store experience by providing review, feature, warranty information and instant coupon content. 
Mobile bar-codes deliver a mobile optimized experience with videos and tips from experts. Hewlett-Packard, for example, placed QR codes directly on their printers to give shoppers access to user reviews and offer advice on interesting accessories, such as ink cartridge packs and networking devices for that model.
Starbucks implemented another interesting QR code SMS marketing campaign to drive customer interaction. The company placed QR codes on its coffee bags to give customers an inside look at the flavor profiles, source information, and other recommended flavors.
The data suggests that mobile is becoming an even more powerful medium. According to Strategy Analytics, smartphones have reached more than 950 million consumers. In addition, NeoMedia reports that QR codes have grown by approximately 120 from this point last year. These devices will surely have an impact on consumer buying habits this holiday season.

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