Thursday, September 27, 2012

With American Expresses Small Business Weekend approaching on November 24th, CallFire is focused on helping our small business clientele reach as many new customers as possible. One of the most effective ways small businesses can communicate with their clients and build their mobile database is through SMS text messaging

Due to the ubiquity of mobile devices, SMS marketing is an ideal solution for local retail stores to communicate with customers and build brand awareness. A recent text marketing initiative by Macy’s provides an excellent example of how to engage and draw consumers into their stores through the medium. 

To promote their Labor Day sale, the company sent out text message invitations to its opted-in mobile database. The campaign not only attempted to draw customers through their doors, but expose the recipients of the message to their mobile site.

The Macy’s SMS message featured a 15 percent discount on end of summer goods. Additionally the message included a link that takes consumers to the company’s mobile site to shop newest items. This link also educated consumers on how to shop via their mobile device, instead of heading to the nearest store locations.

Macy’s has used SMS in the past to promote its other sales. These opt-in text marketing campaigns allow big brands to keep their customers up-to-date with their offerings, while at the same time increasing their opt-in database.

Retailers like Macy’s build mobile clubs long before sales or the holiday period. Consumers look forward to these exclusive offers, many of which are personalized based on the consumer's interests. These personalized messages are a highly effective way to communicate with customers and expose them exclusive deals and offers.

In order to build their mobile database, Macy’s also used QR codes to promote new collections. The company has plastered a mobile barcode on its static print pages in several publications including New York magazine. In addition to mobile barcodes, the company also encourages consumers to text the keyword NICOLE to their company short code to enter a shopping spree. These mobile call to actions, based on product offerings, allow businesses to increase their opt-in database and build brand awareness.

It is clear that the use of text marketing helps retail business owners communicate with their clients and build brand awareness. CallFire, a telephony pioneer and SMS gateway, works with brands from all over the world to utilize SMS short codes and long codes to formulate effective text marketing campaigns. Learn how your brand can increase engagement by speaking to one of our support staff at 877-897-3473, or email our team at