Monday, August 27, 2012
Technology is changing fast and businesses have to do whatever it takes to be up to speed with the newest technology trends. Nowhere is this more true than with a business phone system. If you’re still use clunky on-site house IP phone systems or using old copper wire systems, you’re behind the times. Today’s cloud based phone systems allow businesses to create phone systems that best meet their needs. When configuring an office based phone system, here are some of the features that are needed to stay competitive: 1. Virtual Receptionist. With a virtual receptionist (also know as an auto attendant), businesses can create friendly and professional greetings for all their incoming calls and route calls to the appropriate party. CallFire allows its customers to create intuitive phone trees to through its IVR configuration tool. When a customer calls into a business’s local or toll free number they will be greeted by a professional sounding phone system and be able to transfer directly to the required party. 2. Transfer and Conference. All modern phone systems have to be able to allow users of the system to transfer calls and conference others into the call. If someone mistakenly was routed to your extension, there should be a way to transfer the call to another employee quickly. 3. Setting Up Departments A good virtual receptionist system will allows you to make call queues to route calls to a group of users as well as individual users. With CallFire’s IVR system, users can configure department call queues that can ring all employees of a particular department at the same time, or create what is called a ‘waterfall queue’ to call the employees of a department sequentially. 4. Text Messaging Every modern phone system should have a means to text customers at a moments notice. CallFire’s local phone numbers also known as long codes or DID numbers come equipped to send and receive text messages from an easy to use dashboard. In this way a user can immediately send an emergency notifications to one’s customers or respond to customer inquiries. Text messaging makes it easy to quickly communicate to customers. These features are incredibly important to making sure you have the most robust office phone system. Equally as important to these features is ease of use. Phone systems should be easy to configure and require very little uptime. CallFire’s IVR designer allows users to build their very own phone system quickly. To learn more about how CallFire can help your company, please call 213-221-2289 to learn more.