Friday, August 24, 2012
Event engagement in the age of mobile has taken a new level of interactivity. Nowhere was this more apparent than at this year’s Summerfest music festival. As featured in  Mobile Marketer, attendees of the festival were able to actively engage with their favorite artist through SMS and Twitter—making it clear that mobile and social media are a perfect pair. Fans at the event were able to vote for their favorite new bands and send text messages and pictures to a large screen next to the stage. In addition, attendees were also able to Tweet their own messages to the screen. In all, the Summerfest attendees sent nearly 20,000 text messages and 1,500 tweets during the 11 day festival. The festival promoters displayed prominent call to actions throughout the grounds to draw attention to the opportunities to use mobile communications. As an example, the stage displayed a call to action that prompted the fans to text or tweet their messages to be displayed on a side screen. The organizers also utilized SMS to communicate important news to the festival attendees. During the heat wave that hit Minneapolis area, concert organizers let attendees know ways they could stay hydrated. They also developed a SMS marketing strategy, promoting special merchandise offers and free ticket contests. The Summerfest festival use of text marketing and social media illustrates how the two mediums can be used together to drive event participation and increase brand awareness. As Julie Novack, a senior vice president of mobile solutions at Vibes explains: “Mobile and social are becoming increasingly intertwined because social media is one of users’ preferred communication channels, and the popularity of smart phones allows people to connect to these channels wherever they are. When social is combined with mobile’s intimacy, brands can increase their chances of establishing powerful conversations with consumers that achieve customer loyalty.” It is clear that the use of mobile and social media has the benefit of enhancing user experiences at events like Summerfest. CallFire works with brands from all over the world to utilize SMS short codes and long codes to enhance attendee engagement at live events. Learn more about how your brand can increase engagement by speaking to one of our support staff at 213-221-2289.